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3 Sárkány Vendégház

I am very pleased that you are taking a virtual tour in our all-year-round-open guest house which is located 6 km west of Győr, in the centre of Kisalföld („The Small Plains”) at the picturesque riverside of Rábca and Mosoni-Duna.

I hope that our offer arouse your interest and we can welcome you as our guest if you feel like relaxing and recreationing with your family in Hungary. You can find further details about our services and actual special offers on our website. In case of inquiry we can provide more information and even private offer. We would be pleased if you shared your experiences and recommendations during your holiday. In this way we can develop our family business more convenient to satisfy your every demand.

I look forward to meeting you as our guest!

3 Sárkány Vendégház

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Health tourism 

The bath is located on the headland at the junction of Mosoni-Danube and Rába rivers, where you can get a marvellous view of historic town center.

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Pay by credit card!


Abda is located 120 km west of Budapest at the entrance of Szigetköz water-land, 6 km west of Győr heading towards Hegyeshalom on the highway 1.

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